POSBANK: the leading provider company of POS System

POSBANK Europe is the local branch of Posbank, the global provider of point of sale solutions present in more than 80 countries. We offer a wide range of POS terminals, touchscreen monitor and peripherals.
POSBANK helps customers to succeed in their business by offering best-in-class products and services.
The POSBANK Europe headquarters is located in Gardigiano, in the vicinity of Venice, Italy.

Cutting-edge POS Terminals

With their modern and contemporary design, our POS terminals blend seamlessly into today’s store environment.

Customer-Focused Engineering

With an advanced engineering and years of experience, we offer business owners customized POS solutions.

Exceptional Customer Care Program

Posbank Europe provides business owners with an outstanding return and exchange program to ensure business continuity.

POS Hardware

With our wealth of expertise in the retail, restaurant and hospitality markets, Posbank is able to offer a range of integrated POS systems that meet the specific needs of various market sectors.

We constantly endeavour to develop and produce the highest quality POS hardware based on cutting-edge technology for the ever-changing global market.

POS Service

Posbank is driven by its commitment to customer satisfaction.

We provide a global customer service hotline available 365 days a year, so you can rest assured that, with Posbank, you’re always in safe hands.

Our Values

As a leading provider of POS systems for more than 20 years, Posbank has provided comprehensive and innovative range of solutions and services that made payment process quick and secure and reshaped business process in the retail and the hospitality industries.


We deliver POS systems with superior design that enhance business efficiency and brand image of customers.


We strive to meet stringent standards fulfilled by our in-house R&D and manufacturing facility.


We build innovative POS systems that help customers to be more successful in their business.


We offer continued support for customers during the product life cycle.


We operate a global partner network with strategically located warehouses to be closer to your business.

Our mission

We commit to deliver best-in-class solutions and services to empower customers.

Our goal is to help our customers to be more successful and efficient in their businesses through our smart POS terminals, peripherals, services and solutions on a global scale.

Our vision

At POSBANK, we aspire to be the most trusted and respected company in the in-store solution industry and satisfy customers with best-in-class products and services.

Our customers benefit from our reliable POS systems that meet their needs to gain access to better control of business and informed decision-making.

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