The Apexa series: robust performance in a modern style

For its great flexibility Posbank’s Apexa Series represents one of the flagship category among the Posbank Europe product family.

This Product category features modern and contemporary styling with powerful performance, superior touch display, multiple I/O interfaces, and flexible installation. Simply built for today’s and tomorrow retail and hospitality business. Giving an intuitive experience similar to smartphones or tablets together with a distinctive design it makes possible a point of sale unique and updated, both from an aesthetic and technological point of view.

Apexa Series offers a superior touch display suitable with both fingers and gloves. It’s guaranteed great resolution and its available in 3 different sizes, 15", 15.6" or 19.5", both for OS Windows and Android.

Choose the product that best suits your business among Apexa different display sizes and complete your POS customization through a full range of accessories aim to cover all customer needs.

POSBANK is a leading provider of POS and Kiosk systems and solutions. Founded in 1994 by a group of talented engineers, POSBANK has brought an innovation to the local POS market with impressive design and superior quality. Now Posbank serves more than 200 customers in 80 countries around the world.

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