Enhance customer experience by automation

Posbank Europe presents jointly with Domino’s Pizza and system integrator NortConsulting the outcome of a custom project aimed to increase in-store automation and to elevate customer experience.

Domino’s Pizza is an international company specialized in pizza delivery. Founded in 1960, today is one of the largest pizza chain with 18.000 store in 90 countries.

With more than 500 million pizzas sell worldwide every year, Domino’s Pizza has always been focused on product quality and delivery efficiency, mixed to an increasing attention to innovation and technology.

An engaging challenge

Automation, self ordering, self payment and digital payment represent growing trends already observable before the pandemic. Consumers even more want the control to shop their way, at their pace.
Specifically, Domino’s Pizza aims at minimize contact between staff and customers, increasing at the same time shop experience. In fact, self-service can meet customer expectations, but to be really effective, needs a dedicated self-service strategy and solution.

“To be technologically advanced it’s not enough.
From our point of view a solution must above all put the user at ease, making the shopping experience simple and satisfying”

Joan Gimenez
Sales Director Posbank Europe

The project symbolized a great challenge to Posbank Europe, always oriented to offer solutions aimed to reach the best possible customer journey through self-service technologies which support retailer’s business philosophy in a leaner, agile, and innovative way.

A tailor-made tech solution


Together with Domino’s Pizza and our integrator partner Nortconsulting we developed the project searching for the best suitable solution, with the purpose of improving store operational efficiency, customer involvement and satisfaction as well as average ticket value.

We created a complete and integrated solution from design to implementation, which is installed on the counters of the stores, so that minimizes the contact between the staff and the customers and generates an experience truly innovative and satisfactory. In this way, leveraging digital technologies in order to provide an even more engaging in-store experience allows consumers have more control over their transactions and meanwhile support upselling of complementary product.

“From the first moment the understanding was total.
They quickly realized that we didn't just need a supply of hardware, but something fully integrated with our brand identity. The feedback we are receiving from the market so far it’s absolutely excellent”

Javier Pastor
CTO Domino’s Pizza Portugal

Enzo Baratto, Posbank Europe General Manager commented: “We are very proud about the partnership with Domino’s Pizza. This project clearly express our ability to work always side by side with our customers, not only as supplier but most of all as a reliable partner, and for us this is absolutely priceless”.

At the moment Posbank solution has been adopted in 60 Domino’s Pizza stores with 120 digital kiosks already installed, among Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria and Greece. Others 50 will be implemented during this year year.

Watch the full video to discover more on how we supported Domino's Pizza in increasing the shopping experience within its stores in Europe.

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