Posbank Europe presents BIGPOS® 21,5”

Posbank, global leading provider of Point of Sale solutions, expands its wide portfolio introducing the new BIGPOS® 21,5", the ultimate kiosk solution which maximize customer satisfaction and refine business environment.

Enzo Baratto, Posbank Europe GM, has commented: "BIGPOS® totally changed kiosk concept as known so far. Our touch screen totems, designed to improve service and guarantee the direct connection between point of sale and consumer, present a highly modular platform, easy to install and keep anywhere. We strongly believe that kiosks adoption could generate upselling and become the right digital door for all new services and type of applications. We are really proud about the new BIGPOS® platform and we are confident that it will be the future smart kiosk solution for our partners".

BIGPOS® has a full HD resolution touch screen and it is available in two different display size, 21.5 and 27 inches. The platform can support Android GMS or Windows OS and it comes with different type of microprocessors to cover all different customer needs (Cortex A17 for Android and J1900, 3965U or i5 for Windows). It is also available a Linux version for customers who will require. At first glance, great attention has been given to product design and usability. BIGPOS® provides also a wide range of accessories to increase all application opportunity, such as in-built 3” thermal printer with lock key access, scanner, NFC, Camera and different type of payment terminals.

Posbank Europe created a specialized business unit aiming to help adaptation and support specific bespoke modules. Kiosk can be easily mounted floor stand, on wall or desktop and adapted to every setting. “Posbank Europe provides furthermore complete project development and post-sales support. Together with our partners we can help European customers to develop and assure the best performance from our solutions” concluded Enzo Baratto.

BIGPOS® represents a constantly improving platform. Posbank day-to-day continues to understand the market and the emerging trends, offering innovative solutions that are always in line with demands of different sectors and new consumer.

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